Pedro L Rodriguez

Suzuki Ha is pleased to have an alliance with Pedro Rodriguez and Kazoku Karate. We look forward to future meetings and events together.

Pedro Rodriguez started boxing and Judo training at the age of 15. At age 17 he started karate and won several national and international karate championships in the Americas. In 1986 he met Tatsuo Suzuki and trained with him until his death in 2011. Pedro has followed Suzuki Sensei's teachings to the present day. During the time that he has been a follower of Suzuki Sensei, Pedro has won team kumite in world championships including Gold in Greece, Silver in Orlando, Florida and Gold again in the Dominican Republic. He has trained students for the Venezuelan national team who have won internationally competitions including the US open, USA nationals and also he has students who have won Panamerican Gold, Central American Gold and individual and team competitions.

He traveled to Japan as part of Suzuki Sensei's team and he has been involved in local Venezuelan competitions

Pedro was awarded 7th Dan by Tatsuo Suzuki Sensei and also 7th Dan from the Venezuelan National Karate Federation. He is a former technical committee member of the international organisation created by Tatsuo Suzuki Sensei, a title that was awarded to him for life, from Suzuki Sensei himself.

Pedro's son Alejandro Rodriguez is the owner of Kazoku Karate. He is a 4th Dan in Wado Ryu Karate. Alejandro has over 28 years practicing Karate, teaching for over 15 years. He was taught by his father Pedro Rodriguez. Together they work to support students in as many areas as possible. Information can be seen here.

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