IWF, BWK and Gary Swift

Gary Swift

President of the International Wado Federation and British Wadokai


The International Wado Federation (IWF) is a World Governing Body & Alliance for traditional Wado, Wadoryu, Wadokai inspired karate organisations. Promoting Wado unity world-wide as an alliance of Wado associations and groups; irrespective of size and other national, international or world affiliations.

British Wadokai (BWK) is a non-profit & non-commercial organisation teaching only traditional Wadoryu. Keeping it consistent with authentic 'undiluted' Wadoryu of mainstream British Wadokai Karate.

British Wadokai (BWK) was formed under the direction of Gary Swift 9th Dan Hanshi, who started martial-arts training in 1966 at the age of 10. BWK is a friendly and traditional Wadoryu Karate organisation providing the highest standard of support, guidance and benefits to all students and clubs in membership.

Suzuki Ha Karate Do has formed an alliance with the IWK and BWK of which Gary Swift is the president of both. Suzuki Ha looks forward to mutual shared training, seminars and courses in the future.

Details for these organisations can be found at the following sites

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